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Electric Fencing COC

If you are considering installing a fence on your property, electric fencing might be a good option for you. People who own livestock and other large animals often use electric fencing to ensure that their animals do not wander off of their property.

However, electric fences do more than keep your animals from leaving your property, because they also keep unwanted people and other animals from coming onto your property, ensuring maximum security for your home.


Electrical COC

All our electricians are qualified to build from major power stations to installing a wall socket in your home. Also, our electricians are senior level specialists are have qualifications in electrical rewiring, CoC certifications and titles as master electricians. Our electricians are from the best industry leading technicians South Africa has to offer.

Electrical problems can arise at any time in any home or business. Therefore, we are dedicated to delivering our electrical services 24 hours of the day for electrical emergencies. All our technicians have years of experience in the industry. From small electrical repairs to full rewiring contracts. Our electricians can complete the electrical work at competitive times which is also affordable.


Solar Systems

Over the years the cost of solar power equipment has decreased significantly, making it possible to generate power at a cost lower than the national grid. Our sunny South African climate is ideally suited to solar power generation, offering companies the opportunity to remove some reliance on the grid while reducing electricity costs and carbon footprints.

We offer a variety of Solar (PV) solutions that can be customised and scaled to your business requirements.


We are Based in Parys, Free State

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